Prospective Members

The ordinary process of church membership begins by approaching one of the elders requesting an application for church membership. Once the application is completed a time will be scheduled where the candidate is interviewed by the elder(s). After said interview the person will be presented at the following elders’ meeting for consideration. The elders will then decide whether or not to receive a person into membership by unanimous consent based upon the interview process, discussion, and prayer. The elders are not under any obligation to make a positive or negative decision at that meeting but can extend the discussion to the next meeting and may call for another interview for clarification of any issues that could arise. All prospective members will also be required to attend a church membership class, taught by one or more of the elders.

Once the elders have agreed by unanimous consent that a person or persons can be added to the membership of the church, the church membership class has been attended, and the Grace Fellowship Church Membership Application has been signed then the prospective member(s) will be asked in front of the congregation the following questions:

“Do you acknowledge yourself to be a sinner in need of salvation by Christ, and do you believe in
the Lord Jesus Christ, receiving and resting upon Him alone as He is offered in the gospel?”
“Have you been baptized in accordance with His Word?”
“Do you covenant, in humble reliance upon the grace of the Holy Spirit, to live in a way that
becomes followers of Christ?”
“Do you covenant to support the ministry of this church in its worship and work, submitting to its
instruction, government and discipline, while pursuing its purity and peace?”
When these vows are taken, the congregation will respond with “Amen” when they are asked:
“As a congregation of Christ, do you receive [this Christian/ these Christians] into the covenant
fellowship of this local church together with you, renewing your membership covenant as you do