About Us

Grace Fellowship Church is a congregation of the people of God who deeply reverence the Word of God and seeks to establish all our teachings and activities around the inspired text. The Word of God establishes our message, guides our worship, and governs our mission.

In order to properly glorify God and to honor the Sacred Scriptures, we preach the crucified Christ as the only means by which one can be saved; only by exalting Jesus Christ as Lord over all, and by making Him known among the nations, will we glorify the Father and thereby, fulfill the purpose for our existence.

Grace Fellowship Church is committed to the biblical and historical theology of the Protestant Reformation. We eagerly affirm that Scripture alone is the guide for life and faith, salvation is by God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, and will be for God’s glory alone. We believe these are the emphases of Evangelical Christianity.

We are Christians who delight in the Sovereignty of God. We view God’s election of sinners to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as the grounds of our assurance that God’s redemptive purpose and our proclamation of the Gospel will not fail nor be defeated.

We are committed to uniting church and family. At Grace Fellowship you will be encouraged to remain together as a family during the worship service. We believe that church will be a major part of our children’s lives therefore we bring them into the worship service instead of sending them to a nursery. We also encourage and equip parents to teach their children the Bible through instruction at home.
During our services we go over catechism questions with our younger and older children.  You can find the younger children’s catechism here.  And the older children’s catechism here.
You can also find out church constitution here.

We are a homeschool friendly congregation. Many of our families homeschool their children and at Grace Fellowship Church you will find encouragement and support in this endeavor.